LVWell CBD Raw Oral 3000mg

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LVWell CBD Raw Oral 3000mg - LVWell CBD Raw Oral contains a specially selected blend of extracts and distillates dissolved in a carrier fluid with a cookie flavouring. This new version of the origianl Raw product contains double the amount of CBD as the expertly designed and blended extract contains 30% CBD rather than the original 15%.  As it uses the whole plant, this is a Full Spectrum extract and contains over 100 popular cannabinods including CBC and CBG.  


Bottle Size: 10ml (approximately 200 drops)


Strength: 3000mg Full Spectrum (contains 900mg CBD)


Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract & Distilled Hemp Extracts, Flavouring


Dose: Up to 10 drops twice daily.  10 drops will deliver approximately 45mg of CBD.  Place under the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing


Important Information: Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed maximum daily dosage of 200mg of CBD.  Store product in it's original packaging, upright, in a dark place at room temperature.


Note: Packaging may still say 15% on it, once lockdown is over and the manufacturer's printers are up and running the new packaging will be phased over.  Regardless of packaging the product contains the stronger 30%