About Us

You may have been introduced to e-cigarettes that look something like this…

These are great introductory devices. But for regular users, they simply don't cut it.

They suffer from:

  • Low vapour output.
  • Poor quality, rapidly degrading batteries. With low battery life.
  • Flimsy 'dongle style' charger.
  • Poor quality automatic switch which clogs up over time.
  • Expensive cartridge based refills.
  • Limited (or zero) choice of flavours.
  • Limited (or zero) user serviceable parts.

If this sounds familiar, you need a 'pro' device that solves all of these issues, and looks more like this...


Our 'pro' devices use a 'tank' based system. In other words, there is a small chamber which you fill with e-liquid (a mixture of nicotine, base fluid and flavourings) from a small bottle. This makes it much more economical to use and gives you access to a huge range of flavours.

Why choose us?

  • We source the best e-cigarettes and e-liquid available.
  • Our introductory prices are insanely low! We are currently selling at a little over cost to kick start our new business. Take advantage now before we come to our senses...

Our devices are the most cutting edge e-cigarettes on the market. 100% genuine parts. You will find no fakes here.

Our e-liquids come in a range of mouth-watering flavours. Custom made by the largest and most reputable supplier, in easy-to-use needle nosed bottles.

Apple Lemon Mojito Golden Tree
Cherry Peach Bubblegum Instrument
Fruit Mix Raspberry Cappuccino Gold&Silver
Grape Watermelon Ice Cream USA Mix
Kiwi Menthol Walnut Mild Tobacco


Forget the second rate copycat devices and e-liquids, and stop playing with those crappy 'introductory' e-cigarettes! It's time to go pro…