Kanger EVOD Atomiser

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The Kanger EVOD is the best entry level single coil device on the market. However it does suffer from condensation build up in the mouthpiece which some people mistake for a leak. If this will potentially bother you then we would suggest the new EVOD GLASS instead which is a major upgrade and considerably less prone to condensation. 

As with all atomisers we sell, the heating coil is replaceable. 

Filled from the bottom of the device, the EVOD has a 1.6ml capacity tank.

​Length: 60mm 
Diameter: 10.6mm

What is a tank?

A 'tank' based e-cigarette has a chamber which you fill with  e-Liquid  from a small bottle (a mixture of nicotine, a base fluid and flavourings). This makes it much more economical to use, and gives you access to a huge range of flavours.

What is a heating coil?

The heating coil is the part of the device which produces vapour. No matter which brand of e-cigarette you buy, the heating coil will eventually need replacing. Many e-cigarettes require that you replace the ENTIRE atomiser. This is a pointless waste of money.

This device features a changeable heating coil system. If your heating coil burns out or stops working, you don't need to replace the whole atomiser, you simply replace a small component.

This feature significantly reduces your costs in the long run.

How to replace the heating coil  :
  • Unscrew atomiser from battery.
  • Unscrew the atomiser base.
  • Take out the old heating coil.
  • Screw the new heating coil on top of the base.
  • Screw atomiser base onto the atomiser.
How to clean the atomiser  :
  • Disassemble the atomiser.
  • Rinse the parts of the atomiser with water, preferably lukewarm for the heating coil.
  • Dry by wiping the inner and outer surfaces of the parts.
  • Leave to dry in a cool area.
How to clean the battery  :
  • Make sure that there is no excess e-liquid inside the screw thread on the batteries; wipe/clean the inside before inserting the battery into the charger.